Photo trip in Tuscany (1st day)

Few days ago our group had two days photo trip in the heart of Tuscany. We (me, Anja and Silvia) have departed from Florence by train. In the train our friend Simone joined us and after fifty minutes we all together have arrived at Castelfiorentino. Here our friend Lorenzo picked us up and further we have went by car. At Poggibonsi we have met our professor Michele Pero and we have proceed further to go by two cars.

After about one hour and half we have arrived at a very mystic and interesting place, – The Abbey of San Galgano ( ).

This Abbey was built between 1218 and 1288 and it is the first gothic church built in Tuscany. In 1786, lightning struck the bell tower which collapsed onto the roof of the Abbey. Since then there is the picturesque wreck.
The ruins of the 12th century associated with the name of the founder of the monastery, the knight Galgano Guidotti.

At San Galgano there is another interesting place,- the Hermitage of Monte Sepi, where we arrived at the end of the day. The only old Italian woman and about ten cats met us. The Chapel was built between 1181 and 1185. It has round base and was built on the hill where San Galgano has retired to live as a hermit. At the centre of the Chapel there is the rock in which Galgano, was being the knight of Chiusdino, plunged his sword as symbol of peace.

For a long time thought that the sword is only a fake designed to attract tourists, but the age of metal, conducted by researchers at the University of the city of Pavia, has shown that it is not.
This fact gives reason for scientists to believe that life Galgano inspired by the legends of king Arthur, and Galgano was the prototype of Sir Percival.


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