Photo trip in Tuscany (2nd day)

On the second day of our photo trip we waked up early in the morning to meet the sunrise on the position. The Italians call those places La Geotermia – the warm heart of Tuscany. The are a lot of such kind of places on the hills of Colline Metallifere and several geothermal plants of Enel (Italian electric company). In the plants the steam or hot water, that arrives from the wells via the network of tubes, gives sufficient power to work the turbines that produce electricity. The source of heat is the magma.

We started our shooting from one of the plant. It is interesting that nobody working on those plants because all the process are fully automated. I started to shoot with a very long exposure and used welding glass as a filter. I made the photos the first time in this way and was surprised that my pictures turned out green. Symbolic that the logo of Enel has the writing «Green power».


During the day we are visited three plants and met sun set on the Lago Boracifero (Boracifero lake).

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